We Won 15. Now Let’s Win a Political Revolution.

We Won 15. Now Let’s Win a Political Revolution.

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"[$15/hr] is a victory for the movement we built, not politics as usual in City Hall. Lots of politicians say nice things but they have no intention of fighting for what we really need, once elected.Our campaign is about being the voice of social movements in City Hall and using our seat not just to organize in the streets for what working people need but using every tool at our disposal, just like we did with the $15 an hour minimum wage."Minneapolis is getting a raise! Ginger is proud to have played a leading role in the #15Now movement since the beginning. Now we have a chance to build on this victory and put an independent fighter that takes no corporate cash into City Hall.Support Vote Ginger Jentzen, join us to celebrate on July 9th or donate today!https://goo.gl/bJFD5d

Posted by Vote Ginger Jentzen on Sunday, July 2, 2017


When we first launched 15 Now Minnesota three years ago, a movement to win a $15/hr minimum wage in Minneapolis, many in City Hall claimed it was too high, impossible, and outside the role of city government. Most inside City Hall flat-out rejected the idea.

We persisted, and brought together a powerful coalition of social justice organizations, unions, faith groups, neighborhood organizations and even supportive small business, based around grassroots organizing, protests, and strikes. Now, we’ve just won a historic transfer of wealth to the 71,000 lowest-paid workers in this city.

This is a victory that disproportionately impacts women and people of color, at a time when Trump and the Republicans are hell-bent on carrying out hateful right-wing policies that affect our City and our Ward. At least 42% of black workers, 54% of Latino workers, and 29% of working single mothers will directly benefit from this wage increase. Let’s make $15/hour the first chapter in a new history of Minneapolis, a history where working people are empowered to shape society in their own interests.

Minneapolis is at a crossroads. Nowhere is this more evident than Ward 3, where US Bank stadium sits on one edge while working class people are increasingly getting priced out of the city. We can’t afford a city where big business and developers decide what happens in City Hall. A $15 minimum wage is just one step in dealing with the devastating inequality in the Twin Cities. Our campaign is about building a new kind of politics based on the needs of people and the environment, not what’s acceptable to the billionaire class and big business.

We need representatives who fight unapologetically for working and oppressed people, refuse donations from corporate executives and big developers, and view the social power of ordinary people as the key force of change. While Minneapolis City Council Members pay themselves $80,000/year, I pledge to accept the average wage of a Ward 3 resident, and donate the rest to building social movements.

I want to live in a city that fights racism, sexism, corporate greed and exploitation. I want to live in a society based on cooperation and solidarity, a democratic, socialist society.

If you agree and want to fight the billionaire class, join our campaign.  


Ginger Jentzen