Tax the Rich

The Twin Cities are home to 17 Fortune 500 corporations, the highest concentration in the country per capita, while a quarter of the city live below the poverty line, and a staggering 48% of black people live in poverty. Meanwhile, Trump and the Republicans are planning massive tax handouts for their billionaire buddies while implementing deep budget cuts.

I was a leader in the movement to win a $15 minimum wage, and we took on some of the most powerful corporations in the state. The establishment says taxing the rich can’t be done, but they said that about the $15 an hour minimum wage too before we built a movement and won. Rather than accepting the status quo agenda of corporate-friendly politicians, we need to tax the rich to fund the crucial services that working people need.

  • We need a Millionaires’ Tax! Fund mass transit, education, and social services by taxing the rich. Wealthy developers in San Francisco now pay a ‘millionaires tax’ to help fund affordable housing, and make community college free for residents. Seattle has just passed its own citywide tax on the rich. Let’s fight for this in Minneapolis, to fund education, health care, mass transit, and affordable housing.
  • Tax large corporations to fund public services. Under existing law, this can be done with a major increase in developer impact fees, a corporate “head tax,” an increased tax on commercial parking lot owners, and “excise taxes” on banks, big box retailers, and franchise businesses.
  • End corporate welfare and developer handouts! Reduce the unfair tax burden on working people, homeowners, and small businesses.