Immigrants’ Rights

We need to stand united against attacks on immigrants, refugees and Muslims. State Republicans are working with Trump as he gears up the deportation machine and directs federal agencies to profile our neighbors. Trump is threatening “sanctuary cities” like Minneapolis, which have pledged to not share their data with deportation agencies.

  • No ban, no wall, no raids. Trump-proof Minneapolis! Our “sanctuary city” laws at present provide few real protections. End the practice of stop-and-frisk policing, which criminalizes immigrants and people of color, and feeds Trump’s deportation machine, as shown most recently by the highly publicized profiling of Ariel Vences-Lopez on Minneapolis light rail. Anyone who is suspected of a crime that ends up in Hennepin County Jail or in the court system still risks being deported by ICE agents.
  • No cooperation with ICE. The city should fully commit to safeguarding personal information gathered by city agencies that can be used by ICE to identify targets. We need economic justice so that immigrant workers can afford to live here. This means building quality affordable housing, paid for by taxing the rich.
  • No to Islamophobia! Sever all ties with the the FBI’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program, which feeds into racism and Islamophobia. Ensure Minneapolis agencies do not cooperate with “fusion centers” designed to consolidate and hand information over to Trump’s surveillance state.