No Ban, No Wall, No Raids

We need to stand united against Trump’s attacks on immigrants, refugees and Muslims. He’s gearing up the deportation machine and directing federal agencies to profile our neighbors. The billionaire-in-chief is even threatening “sanctuary cities” like Minneapolis, which are supposed to refuse to share their data with deportation agencies. I’m calling on city council and the mayor to go further, and use all powers in City Hall to block Trump’s racism and turn Minneapolis into a city of resistance.

Make Minneapolis a Real ‘Sanctuary City’

The phrase “Sanctuary City” conjures up a place where immigrants can find refuge and physical protection from ICE agents. But the reality in Minneapolis is very different. Our ‘Sanctuary City’ status provides very few actual protections. While ideally local police officers won’t detain immigrants on behalf of federal authorities, even this bare minimum is not being met currently, as the racist profiling and possible deportation of Ariel Vences-Lopez shows.

If we are serious about protecting our immigrant family, friends and neighbors, we need to implement policies that give the idea of a ‘Sanctuary City’ actual teeth. This means not just refusing to detain people for ICE, but that the City and Police should fully commit to safeguarding personal information gathered by city agencies that can be used by ICE to identify targets. Social movements in cities should mobilize mass non-violent civil disobedience to block some of ICE’s activities and the Mayor should refuse to deploy their police to repress these protesters. The practice of “stop-and-frisk” policing of people color, such as in the Ariel Vences-Lopez case, should be immediately terminated.

To have a real ‘Sanctuary City,’ we need economic justice so that workers can afford to live here. This means winning quality affordable housing and taxing the rich to fund our services.

Stop deportations

Minneapolis police should not feed Trump’s deportation machine. The current “separation agreement” that directs Minneapolis Police not to ask about immigration status as much about policing than protecting immigrants. Anyone who is suspected of a crime that ends up in Hennepin County Jail or in the court system still risks being deported by ICE agents.

No to Islamophobia

Sever all ties with the the FBI’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program, which has been proven ineffective across the country and feeds into Islamophobia. Ensure Minneapolis agencies do not cooperate with “fusion centers” designed to consolidate and hand information over to Trump’s surveillance state.