LGBTQ Rights

Minneapolis needs to tax the rich to fully fund LGBTQ services, healthcare, and anti-discrimination initiatives, especially with attacks on LGBTQ rights by state Republican’s and the Trump administration.

  • Minneapolis needs a fully-funded LGBTQ resource center. Studies show that transgender people are four times more likely to be living in extreme poverty than the general population. By taxing the rich we can also fully fund LGBTQ community centers and social programs, especially initiatives to protect against anti-LGBTQ violence and intimidation. Fund community anti-hate-crime groups to raise awareness through public education efforts.
  • Fully fund homeless shelters and expand affordable housing. LGBTQ youth face disproportionately high levels of homelessness in Minneapolis and nationally. A 2011 report showed that 19% of transgender people reported having been refused a home or apartment and 11% reported being evicted because of their gender identity/expression.
  • End discrimination and harassment! Especially with the Trump administration targetting LGBTQ rights, we need to take immediate action to fully fund anti-discrimination initiatives and city services. We need explicit protections for LGBTQ people who face housing discrimination. Together with labor we need to fight the ongoing workplace discrimination of our LGBTQ co-workers.
  • Healthcare is a human right! A statewide single-payer system should include free access to hormone therapy, sexual reassignment surgery and reproductive services. As the 2014 Hobby Lobby court case showed, big business will hide behind religion to restrict healthcare coverage. These are some reasons why I will organize alongside unions and community groups to win statewide single-payer care as a step towards “Medicare for all” nationally.