LGBTQ Rights

Tax the Rich to Fund LGBTQ Social Programs

Minneapolis needs a fully-funded LGBTQ resource center. By taxing the rich we can also fully fund LGBTQ community centers and social programs, especially initiatives to protect against anti-LGBTQ violence and intimidation. Fund community anti-hate crime groups to raise awareness through anti-bullying and public education efforts. Minneapolis should ensure full funding for homeless shelters, especially for LGBTQ youth who face disproportionately high levels of homelessness.

End Discrimination and Harassment

Especially with the Trump administration targetting LGBTQ rights, we need to take immediate action to fully fund anti-discrimination initiatives and city departments. National Studies show that transgender people are 4 times more likely to be living in extreme poverty than the general population. A 2011 report showed that 19% of transgender people reported having been refused a home or apartment and 11% reported being evicted because of their gender identity/expression. Minneapolis should pass explicit protections for LGBTQ members who face housing discrimination. Together with labor we need to fight the ongoing workplace discrimination of our LGBTQ co-workers.

Fight for Improved #MedicareForAll

As the 2014 Hobby Lobby court case showed, big business will hide behind religion to restrict healthcare coverage. To fully provide equal quality healthcare, we need improved Medicare for All, and fundamentally single-payer healthcare for all. We need a healthcare system that allows no discrimination, as well as free access to hormone therapy and sex reassignment therapy. I have worked closely with the Minnesota Nurses Association in the fight for a $15/hr minimum wage, and would work to expand coalitions of labor and community groups to fight for Medicare for All, if necessary at the State Level.