Expand Public Transit

Minneapolis deserves a world class public transit system, instead of the current, underfunded “hub and spoke” system that underserves most of the city. Mass transit is all the more crucial with the growing threat of climate change, which comes with real human costs as we saw this summer with the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Working people, seniors, people with disabilities, and youth all rely on mass transit in our city. But instead of expanding bus routes, light rail service, and providing a real alternative to daily car use, the city establishment is instead cutting local routes that accommodate a majority of riders.

  • For a major expansion of mass transit, paid for by a taxes on developers and big business, whether at the state or city level. San Francisco has passed a corporate “head tax” to fund city needs and Minneapolis should explore this and all other avenues to fund transit expansion while taking the tax burden off ordinary working people.
  • End the transit cuts! We cannot talk about implementing the Complete Streets program, and moving away from a car culture at the same time deep cuts are made to transit which hit working people the hardest. We need to go forward, not backward!
  • We need equitable transit. I support the equity outcomes in the MSP 2040 plan and will work with communities and ATU members to ensure transit needs are met for all.
  • No increased fares that threaten low-income communities and riders with disabilities who rely on public transit. With transit expansions like Southwest Light Rail we can’t rely on fare increases that further burden regular riders or that cut bus service. We need to expand both bus and rail routes.