Environmental Justice and Green Jobs

Minneapolis can lead the charge in resisting Trump’s anti-environment agenda by massively expanding public transit and renewable energy, shutting down toxic emissions by big corporations, and creating green jobs and retraining for workers. Victories against polluting companies like Northern Metals show cities have an important role to play in fighting for a sustainable alternative.

  • End toxic pollution and shut down the HERC! The Hennepin Energy Recovery Center (HERC) lies on the edge of Ward 3, blowing poisonous smoke from burning garbage collected from the entire county, much of which is entirely recyclable. This directly impacts one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, largely populated by people of color. This type of blatant environmental racism would never happen if it affected a wealthy neighborhood. HERC should end all toxic practices immediately or be shut down. As a first step, Minneapolis should enact the Zero Waste Draft Plan.
  • Slash greenhouse gas emissions and create green jobs! Massively expand public transit and renewable energy, with a just transition, retraining and union jobs for all fossil fuel sector workers.
  • End the passage of oil trains through Minneapolis! Oil trains are chronically understaffed, threaten our environment and put at risk the lives of people we care about. In the past few years, oil train derailments in the US and Canada have forced mass evacuations of residents and caused irreparable damage to the environment.
  • Divest from banks funding big oil pipelines! Minneapolis should also follow in the footsteps of cities like Seattle and Los Angeles who are divesting all city funds from Wells Fargo, which is directly investing in the DAPL pipeline, and severing all ties to banks with fossil fuel investments.