Environmental Justice and Sustainability

We need put an end to Donald Trump’s fossil fuel economy. The elevation of profits above the planet has highly dangerous BNSF and Canadian Pacific oil trains rumbling through the heart of Ward 3 past our workplaces, schools and homes, threatening the environment and the lives of people we care about. In the past several years, different oil train derailments in the US have forced mass evacuations of residents and caused irreparable damage to the environment.

Minneapolis can lead the charge in the fight against oil trains, inspiring other cities across the country to resist these nuclear bombs on wheels and shut down Trump’s environmental agenda and oil trains once and for all.

The repulsive HERC (Hennepin Energy Recovery Center) lies on the edge of Ward 3, blowing poisonous smoke from burning garbage collected from the entire county, much of which is entirely recyclable, directly over one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, largely populated by people of color. This type of blatant environmental racism would never happen if it affected a wealthy neighborhood. HERC should be shut down immediately.

Just 90 companies have accounted for 65% of carbon emissions since the Industrial Revolution. Climate change is real, and it is devastating people and planet for the sake of massive corporate profit. We should levy taxes on the rich and big business to immediately begin to switch over to sustainable mass transit and energy sources like wind and solar power. Such a tax could also fund a green jobs program with union wages and benefits to shift and retrain any workers initially impacted by the transition.

Minneapolis should also follow in the footsteps of cities like Seattle and Los Angeles who are divesting all city funds from Wells Fargo, which is directly invest in the DAPL pipeline, and to sever all ties to banks with fossil fuel investments.