Defend and Extend Public Education

Public education in the Twin Cities is in crisis. The result of the assault on public education has been reinforced by a vicious cycle of budget cuts which further reduces the quality of the remaining public schools in Minneapolis. As a result, over one-third of eligible public school students in Minneapolis and St. Paul are now leaving their neighborhood schools for other districts and private charters. This effectively paralyzes students whose families are not in a position to send them to other areas in the city, keeping them in schools that lack the funds to ensure a quality education and closing other schools. This burden falls most heavily on neighborhoods that have lower income levels.

The solution is not further privatization of education or more charter schools. The school environment reflects the community environment. We need to make sure students can focus on their education, not having to worry about things like housing instability and being treated like criminals in the classroom. That’s why we need high quality public school education funded by taxes on the super-rich and big developers that is part of a broader plan for justice for working and young people in Minneapolis.

  • No More Budget Cuts, Fight for Full Funding
    • Tax the Super-rich and Big Developers to fully fund public education
    • No school closings, no layoffs, no program cuts
    • No to attacks on teachers unions
  • Improve Education Quality – Expand Student Services
    • Decrease class sizes by hiring more teachers
    • Invest in a massive expansion of afterschool and summer programs
    • Stop criminalizing students – move towards diversionary and intervention programs for student misbehavior and violence, not punishment
    • Hire more school counselors and social workers, not more School Resource Officers
    • Expand anti-bullying efforts and culturally relevant curriculum promoting LGBTQ equality, anti-racism, and anti-sexism
  • Stable Housing for Students – Rent Control Now!
    • Fight for rent control
    • Create a mass of high quality affordable housing funded through taxes on the big developers
    • Fully Fund Minnesota’s Rental Assistance Pilot for Homeless and Highly Mobile Families with School Age Children to combat student homelessness