We’re proud to be endorsed by union nurses, communication workers, and  supporters.

Socialist Alternative
Minnesota Nurses Association
CWA MN State Council
Democratic Socialists of America
Our Revolution Twin Cities
United Transportation Union Minnesota Legislative Board
United Transportation Union Minnesota Legislative Board
Sierra Club – North Star Chapter
ATU Local 1005 President-Elect Ryan Timlin
Dr. Cornel West

As a DFL Delegate, I’m supporting Ginger Jentzen because there is no candidate in Minneapolis who better represents my DFL values, or who is more able to make progressive change happen. When city politicians said a $15 minimum wage was impossible, Ginger built a powerful coalition of unions, DFLers and progressive organizations to win it.”

– Ryan Kennedy, DFL Delegate and Ward 3 Resident

As a Ward 3 resident frustrated with how housing & police brutality are trending in this city & as someone who has long been pushing city council-members to represent areas that students are concentrated in, I think it’s time to have someone in city council that isn’t in it as a career politician and who has always been progressive. Ginger has always talked to me like a person & not someone buying your vote. I value that because a day will come soon when council members’ votes, complacency, or resistance will make a difference in our ability to afford housing, still have diverse neighbors, and know our friends are safe in the city or around those sworn to protect them.”

– Abeer Syedah, Sheridan resident and student advocate

“I’m voting and volunteering for Ginger because she is a passionate and powerful fighter for working people who has done amazing things for Minneapolis. Long before she led the victory on $15/hr, I saw Ginger organize and stop unjust foreclosures with Occupy Homes, while city politicians were busy siding with the big banks. We need a shake up in City Hall, and Ginger is just the woman to do it.”

– Annie Peterson, Ward 3 resident and Professional Caregiver

The CWA has a proud history of struggle. We recognize that an injury to one is an injury to all. Locally, we’ve been fighting alongside low-wageworkers to win a $15 minimum wage for all Minneapolis workers because ending poverty wages is part of rebuilding a fighting labor movement. We are confident that Ginger’s bold campaign will be an inspiration to people across Minneapolis, who overwhelmingly supported Bernie’s calls for a political revolution.

– Mona Meyer, President, CWA MN State Council

Prime Place Apartments told me a week before move-in that my unit and dozens of others were not finished, displacing hundreds of tenants. Now I am forced to temporarily live in a hotel. This is why I support Ginger, someone who will fight for renters’ rights, affordable housing, and rent control.”

– Liana Dawson, UMN student and Ward 3 resident

The division between those with wealth in this country and those without it is growing. Many people have to work two jobs, care for kids, have no healthcare, and no affordable housing. We need a society that works for everyone, not just a privileged few. That’s why, as a small business owner, I’ve based Two Bettys’ business model around prioritizing workers’ rights, including paying all our workers at least $15/hour.

As the Executive Director of 15 Now Minnesota, Ginger brought together a powerful coalition of small businesses like ours, unions, neighborhood groups, and more, to win the Midwest’s first $15 minimum wage. I want elected representatives like Ginger who will stand up for working people, which means standing up to big business and wealthy real estate developers.” 

– Anna Tsantir, co-founder, Two Betty’s Green Cleaning Service

I’ve always known Ginger to be on the frontlines of the major fights in our city. I am glad that she is taking that energy and passion to City Hall. As Trump continues to attack our values and beliefs I know Ginger will fight hard for the things we hold dear for Ward 3 and the entire City.”

– Filiberto Nolasco Gomez, Freelance Journalist


I met Ginger when she was Executive Director of 15 Now Minnesota and immediately knew she was someone I could trust. She listened to my story, as well as many others, and gave us a platform to make real legislative change. Ginger’s dedication to laborers and housing justice is unparalleled, and as someone who has worked in Ward 3 for years, I could not think of a better person to fight for my rights.

– Rose von Muchow, server and UMN student

I’m supporting Ginger because I have spent the last 5 years of my life empowering students and young people to get involved in political processes. Only 7% of students voted in 2013. And I see Ginger not only interested in engaging with people but connecting with them on the issues, particularly affordable housing. I see a lot of people priced out of their education because of that issue. We need change now. And we need to be supporting the people who will make that change happen. That’s why I’m really proud to support Ginger. “ 

– Joelle Stangler, youth organizer & Sheridan neighborhood resident

I’m a ward 3 resident, and along with hundreds of my neighbors I’ve donated to Ginger’s campaign. The broad level of support for her campaign is testament to the fact that Ginger has more Minneapolis donors than any of the other candidates.

As a long term advocate for affordable housing in Minneapolis, I recognize why the Republican-linked corporate millionaire backed PAC is sending out lies about Ginger’s campaign. The millionaire developers behind the PAC advocate for a trickle-down solution to the affordable housing crisis and have convinced city leaders that building luxury housing for the rich will somehow create more affordable housing for the rest of us. Unlike her opponents Steve Fletcher and Tim Bildsoe, Ginger has called them out on their own lies! Her proposal is to tax the millionaires and luxury developers that are redefining our neighborhood as a playground for the rich. If we’re not talking about holding the line on gentrification, if we’re not talking about rent control, we’re ignoring our commitment to affordable housing. Ginger’s proposals will lessen the tax burden on working class homeowners like me, will maintain existing affordable housing, and will bring additional resources to create much needed housing that’s affordable to the working class residents of the city.” 

– Eric Wunderlich, Marcy Holmes resident 

I’m voting for Ginger because her views for the ward and the city are rooted in people powered movements. I’ve seen her ability to harness people into productive political movements, and it makes me excited for the future!”

– Samhitha Krishnan, Academic Coach and Ward 3 resident

I’m supporting Ginger because we need people like her in office who will fight with us to win things like rent control, affordable housing for all, and tenant’s rights. Too often students and young people who rent are being taken advantage of. It’s time to elect independent candidates like Ginger and build a movement for housing justice in Minneapolis.

– Tyler Vasseur, UMN student on #TeamGinger

Ginger embodies the same community spirit we strive for at Eat My Words.”

– Scott VanKoughnett, Ward 3 small business owner, Eat My Words Bookstore

This Tuesday, Vote Ginger Jentzen #1 choice.