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Minneapolis Needs A Political Revolution

Build a grassroots movement for a $15/hr minimum wage

Tax the rich! Fund affordable housing, mass transit, and health care programs

Strengthen tenants’ rights and end the undemocratic state preemption on rent control

Resist the Trump agenda: No Deportations, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights!

Our campaign is proud to be endorsed by:

Socialist Alternative
Minnesota Nurses Association
CWA MN State Council
Twin Cities DSA
United Transportation Union Minnesota Legislative Board
United Transportation Union Minnesota Legislative Board
International Socialist Organization

Join #TeamGinger

Ginger Jentzen pledges to refuse to accept donations from corporate executives and big developers. While Minneapolis City Council Members pay themselves $80,000/year, Ginger pledges to accept only the average wage of a Ward 3 resident, and donate the rest towards building social movements. This campaign is based entirely off of the hard work and grassroots donations of working people. Join #TeamGinger!